Personal Choice was founded by Mary Carey in 1997, in part because of the obvious changes taking place in the mortgage financing industry, and due to the appeal a small but driven brokerage firm, such as Personal Choice, had to offer.

Just as an insurance broker finds you the best deal on insurance, a mortgage broker finds you the best deal on a mortgage. We do not work with one financial institution; we are independent and deal with a vast number of lenders, all competing for your business. Personal Choice Mortgage Services is proud partners of the VERICO network. The VERICO Mortgage Brokers Network is a national network of independently owned and operated mortgage broker firms that meet the networks professional and business standards, while at the same time accessing the many benefits of a large national organization.

Year after year, Personal Choice is consistently rated as one of Ontario's top Mortgage Brokerages by several of Canada's largest mortgage lending institutions. Personal Choice earned this respect by consistently providing boundless superior service to their clients. It is our goal to not only provide this exclusive service to our clients today, but to extend this relationship to you in the future, a lifetime proposition.

Personal Choice Mortgage Services: About
Personal Choice Mortgage Services: About
Personal Choice Mortgage Services: About

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June 14, 2019